About us

In essence, we’re a design house.

But design doesn’t mean what it used to. It’s not just a logo. Not just a leaflet. Design is about conveying information.

So, call us whatever you want. Agency. Firm. Studio. As long as you call us. Our decades of impressive expertise in visual and other solutions – both traditional and nontraditional – make us the best choice of partner for organisations in the private and public sectors. Whether their needs are large and comprehensive, or small and quick. Whether it’s concept, communication or creative development.

The team

We’re known for a team culture that’s ego-free, support-orientated and radically highly skilled, and we make a point of hiring the very best design, strategic and support talent out there. And constantly challenging them. At Maxx you can expect tenacity, passion, self-respect, endurance and pride. Not a fireman’s pole.

Everyone at Maxx works hard to create fresh, original and authentic products.

Because we believe in pure ideas, we promise to:

  • Come up with brilliant and workable solutions
  • Invent new things
  • Research the very best of what's out there
  • Be inspired, every time
  • Design to brief, budget and need
  • Understand the client, industry and sector